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Dreamwidth comm information

The new community on Dreamwidth (https://221b-recs.dreamwidth.org/ ) is open for members. Links on that site are being updated. The community has been backed up on DW and is in some respects more complete; posts from journals deleted on LJ have been removed from the comm here but still exist on DW.

There is now an RSS feed allowing readers to follow the DW comm on LJ: http://221b-recs-dw.livejournal.com/

The sign-up post on the new comm is here. Guidelines and Info are  here. I've updated the spreadsheet, and will be asking for help in adding DW links.

You can get a free Dreamwidth account yourself, and we look forward to seeing you there! Otherwise, you can use an OpenID account for your LJ account to comment over there.


I hope we'll be seeing you on the other side! My sincere thanks and appreciation to everyone who worked so hard and well to keep this community active and useful.

I apoligize for being slower than usual, even, this month. I'm undergoing cataract surgery in both eyes, and my sight has been unreliable. It's improving greatly, however, and should settle down within two weeks (so, the brevity of this message today). Hope to communicate more effectively with you soon!
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Move underway

An update on our move to Dreamwidth --

The Dreamwidth account is in place, but not ready yet for participation. Complete back-up of comments was still in progress the last time I checked--there was a queue for accounts, and it's taking a little more time than usual. I'm still working on changing/deleting/editing outdated information posts the old signup post, links, etc. on the new DW account.

I have created an RSS feed of the DW comm for LJ. I'm still working on the settings for that, and I'll post the link here when it's done.

I'm asking that no comments be made here to old posts, as they won't be imported to DW. Questions can be answered in comments to this post and to the final announcement and sticky post with links and information, coming soon.

Thanks to everyone for your interest, paitience, and support!
Sherlock hands of thought

Music Rec: BBC Sherlock Theme (Indian Jam Project)

Title: BBC Sherlock Theme (Indian Jam)
Music Title & Artist: The BBC Sherlock Theme, originally composed by David Arnold and Michael Price, here with new arrangement/composition by Tushar Lall; Samay Lalwani is playing percussion and Prathamesh Salunke is on flute.
Vidder: Filmed and edited by Tuhin Mukherjee & Amitesh Mukherjee under the auspices of the Indian Jam Project.
Verse: Sherlock BBC
Link: This link goes to the Indian Jam Project's Video page -- if you scroll down, you will find a link to the BBC Sherlock Theme toward the bottom of the page. BBC Sherlock Theme (Indian Jam) vid

Reccer's Comments: This is a lovely, intriguing rendition of the opening music to the BBC Sherlock series. According to their website, the lead composer of the Indian Jam Project, Tushar Lall, "is attempting to knit classical Indian tones into the script of western music to showcase the beauty of Indian Music. It is a one of a kind concept where fusion of Indo-western styles of music produces a concoction which is deeply emotive as well as thought-provoking, showing that music transcends boundaries and has no language." Take two and a half minutes to give your ear a treat and appreciate this beautiful reminder of our multicultural fandom.
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Thanks to everyone for your comments.  So far, most respondants have favored a move to Dreamwidth. It's the option that tampopo and I have favored as well.

Some worries about the move are a loss of community members and readership; a loss of reccers; a loss of coverage in newsletters and links to the comm. I hope networking and publicity can help somewhat.

Concerning cross-posting from DW to LJ, that option isn't possible for communities. However, setting up an RSS feed for a DW comm, for reading-only on LJ, may be a solution.

I'm proposing a move of the active community to Dreamwidth by May 1. The LJ comm would be backed up completely on DW and the comm on LJ would be closed to all new posts and comments. It would remain as an archive here for as long as LJ allows.

Information would be posted here in a sticky post on locating the new comm, on the (I hope) RSS feed to continue following the comm on LJ, and on Dreamwidth in general.

As always, comments are welcome.
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Proposal to move and input?

Hi, all.

As you probably know, the recent changes in the LJ user agreement have prompted many users and communities to look for other homes--especially users and communities with free speech concerns, with LGBTQ and other identities, and those producing and consuming (and reviewing!) works we love. There is always the possibility of a journal being deleted by LJ authorities, but the risk seems higher now.

I'm proposing backing up the contents of this community and moving it to Dreamwidth. On Dreamwidth, the community would retain all posts and comments and tags from the LJ comm up to point of the backup.

The LJ comm would be closed to comments and posts originating on LJ. It's possible that cross-posts from Dreamwidth would be posted here. Anyone would still be able to read posts, however, and we can resume posting links on Tumblr.

This community depends vitally on participation by its members. Although it is possible for active LJ users to comment on Dreamwidth using OpenID, it's best that our reccers have DW accounts and join the new comm there. You would also need a Dreamwidth account to subscribe and be notified of updates.

Currently we have about 950 members and are watched by about 1400. We have an active pool of a few dozen reccers. I'd like to hear from you, the members, the readers, the reccers, about this proposal to move. Having reliable reccers on DW would greatly improve our success in a new home.

Thanks to you all --
Nancy Drew

Fic Rec: Haircut

Title: Haircut
Author: HiddenLacuna
Pairing: Sherlock/John
Length: 3025
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: None
Verse: Sherlock BBC
Author's summary: "Sherlock, you need a haircut," John says. "You're beginning to look like Jonathan Creek."

Reccer's comments: The one where John gives Sherlock a haircut and they both get off from it. Hello, hair kink! Sherlock Holmes loves his hair. I mean, he really loves it. As we discover, so does John Watson. The Jonathan Creek reference hooked me right fromt the start (google him if you're not familiar and you'll see what John means). Sherlock actually has a deeply personal reason for prizing his long curls; it's a meaningful insight into his character and gives some depth to his vanity. Allowing John to cut his hair is a big moment for Sherlock and one they ultimately don't waste.

"Lock's locks," John mutters to himself, and immediately cringes. Oh Christ, that was out loud. He freezes and braces for the inevitable onslaught of vitriol and an exhortation not to use such stupid things as nicknames when referring to the great and terrible Sherlock Holmes.

It doesn't come.

I remember reading this years ago (it's a post-S2 story) and was so happy to come across it again recently. This is an incredibly hot, funny, and even a little sweet first time for our boys. 

Announcement and goodbye...

Hello everyone,

first of all, I'm sorry I have been absent from the comm for so long. RL has taken over the last two years and so I left mod duties to Unovis' capable hands.
As I won't be returning to the Holmes fandom or fandom life anytime soon I think and following LJ's new terms of service - which we were all so graciously given the opportunity to sign - more changes are in order:

As of tonight Unovis is now the full owner of this comm. I'll be deleting my LJ account in a month or so as I have no desire to stay under the new conditions. (If anybody wants to contact me for some reason you still can do so during April via pm.)

Unovis will be making more important changes concerning the comm which she'll inform you all about soon. Stay tuned!! ;)

All that's left for me to say is "Thank you!"
Thank you to everyone who posted recs here and so gave life to the community! I have always been the silent observer type in fandom, so I was very nervous about opening this comm way back when and it always made me smile to think that people found it useful.

And thank you to Unovis, and all other helpers, who kept it going in my absence!

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No fooling

Welcome to our intrepid April volunteers: rachelindeed and write_out . Welcome back to both of you, and we're looking forward to your new recs.

Many thanks also to our faithful March reccers, bowl_of_glow and sanguinity. We've enjoyed your contributions and enthusiasm.

Signups are now open for May. As usual, you only need to make four recs a month, for works created for any version of Sherlock Holmes, as fic, art, vids, podfic, or meta.  Sign up here! Info and Guidelines here.
Escher Snakes

Vid Rec: A Strange Kind of Love; Barbuzuka

Music Title & Artist: Peter Murphy - A Strange Kind of Love
Vidder: Barbuzuka
Pairing: Holmes/Watson
Verse: Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson (1980)
Link: on youtube (no announcement post)

Reccer's Comments: I began the month with a Whitehead/Pickering rec, and I'm in the mood to be self-indulgent and end the month with one, too.

I was under the impression that there weren't any Whitehead/Pickering vids on the internet anymore, but then a friend sent me this and I about died with glee. I love their stupid smiles, and their stupid shared glances, and their stupid touching, and Holmes' stupid trolling of Watson, and Watson's stupid inability to stop watching Holmes. There is not one single thing that is sophisticated about my enjoyment of this vid: it just makes me happy.

(And please let me apologize in advance for the poor quality of the footage: this vid was made a while back -- as you can tell by the older vidding style -- when the only footage generally available was a set of not-pristine VHS rips. But even with the blurry footage and wonky color: it makes me happy.)
Escher Snakes

Fic Rec: Robots and the Men Who Love Them

Title: Robots and the Men Who Love Them
Author: JaneTurenne
Pairing: Holmes/Robo-Watson; The Doctor/Robo-The-Master
Length: 1,078 words
Rating: General Audiences
Verse: Sherlock Holmes in the 22nd Century x Doctor Who
Author's summary: An inevitable crossover--silly, fluffy, slashy, robot-lovin', timey-wimey crack.

Reccer's comments: So, a thing I did not know: somewhere in Doctor Who canon,* there is a Ninth Doctor (but not that Ninth Doctor) whose traveling companion is a robot version of the Master.

Given that, one obviously must have the Doctor and robo-Master stop in during the 22nd century to have tea with Holmes and his robotic Watson. (And then one must have Holmes and the Doctor needle each other about who is more gauche for keeping around a roboticized ex-lover, while the robots themselves merrily get up to hijinks.)

Happily, JaneTurenne has ably answered the call for this absolutely necessary story. I giggled, and giggled some more.

* In The Scream of The Shalka, to be precise. It is available on the BBC website, 90 minutes runtime, in Flash animation -- which requires a lot of clicking 'next' to watch, because it only loads three-ish minutes at a go. Watching it is not necessary to enjoying JaneTurenne's story, however; I enjoyed the story even before I knew the Doctor Who part is canon.

btw, for the trivia hounds: this particular Ninth Doctor is Richard E. Grant, who was also Sherlock Holmes, Mycroft Holmes, and Jack Stapleton. The other Ninth Doctor, Christopher Eccleston, wasn't anyone so far as I know -- and that kind of slacking is very possibly why every other British actor has had to shoulder three Holmesian roles apiece.