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Vid Rec guidelines

Please note the comm's policies before you make a vid rec. Recs that don't meet the guidelines will be deleted (we'll tell you what the problem was and how to fix it to repost).

Because they're created using clips from movies and TV shows and other source material and (usually) commercial songs and music, vids have unique source issues that don't apply to fic or drawn artwork. To protect and respect our vidders--and because these posts are being made by a second party, not the artist herself/himself--we ask that links be made appropriately as follows.

1. Do not embed vids in your rec post.
2. Please make your link (see the template below) to the vidder's public announcement post for the vid from LJ, DW, or IJ (see search tips below); or
3. If the vidder confirms that there is no public announcement post, link to the vid's webpage or the vidder's website or the vidder's page on YouTube.
4. If a vidder requires a password to download a vid, please link to the vidder's instructions on acquiring the password.
5. If a vid is now only available on DVD, please provide a link to the vidder's contact information.
6. Do not hotlink directly to a vid file. Do not link directly to a download for a vid.
7. If a vidder requests that a link be deleted, please do so immediately.

If you didn't bookmark it, you can search for a vidder's announcement post by looking through the vidder's LJ or website; through tags on communities, such as "tv: sherlock holmes" at vidding, or "fanworks: vids" at sherlockbbc, or "fanvid" on sherlock2009; through fanvid listings in holmesian_news; or by posting a query on a comm such as sherlock_search or holmes_finders or sherlock_vids or sherlockvids on DW or another site where people might know what you're looking for.

We realize that some of these procedures apply to older vids and vid sites.

Template for Vid Recs:

Subject line: Vid Rec: [Title, vidder]

Title: [if different from music title]
Music Title & Artist: [do not make this into a link to the vid]
Pairing or Character:
[if appropriate; if the vidder didn't specify, you don't have to]
Verse: [source, e.g., Sherlock BBC, Ritchie films, Granada, multi, etc.; please identify crossovers]
Link: [link to the vidder's announcement post for the vid or other approved link; see rec guidelines above]
Reccer's Comments:

Please tag as "vids"

Guidelines and template have been adapted from those used by crack_van.


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